Tips to Picking the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Tips to Picking the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Picking the perfect blog domain name can be a challenge and stressful for anyone.  The domain is more than a name, it’s an identity and an address.  It gives your reader an idea of what you’re all about and what to expect when they visit your space on the web. So if you’re looking to pick the perfect blog name you’ll love, even in ten years, here are a few tips and things to consider to make sure you pick the right one.

Tips to Picking the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Picking the Perfect Domain Name

Blog Niche

First, you need to decide on a niche.  What are you going to blog about?  Are you going to provide a service?  The general idea is important when choosing the perfect blog name.  It’s the foundation you will use to base your domain name.

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Niche related

The name should be related in one way or another.  If you’re talking about sports you don’t want a food name.  It should fit your topic.


Research online for topic ideas and names.  If you have an idea for a name or part of a name, search to make sure no one else is using that name already on the web and mostly social media.  You don’t want to end up in hot water before you already start.

Easy to Remember

The domain name needs to be easy to remember.   If your domain is easily forgettable or excessively long, they won’t be able to find you again.  You want them to find you easily. Don’t make it unnecessarily difficult.

Make a List

Grab a sheet of paper and make yourself a list of words to describe your niche.  Try interchanging and combining the words to create a name or a phrase.


Try synonyms of the words on your list.  Sometimes you can find a really cool way to say the same words or ideas you have on your list.

Ask a Friend

What are friends for?  Bounce a few ideas off your friends.  Sometimes they can give you insight into your ideas.  They can tell you if they think it fits your niche and reflects your message.

.com Isn’t the Only Choice

The widely used .com extension isn’t the only choice to make.  It’s the most popular but that doesn’t mean a thing.  I know a popular blogger who uses .net and she makes a living just like the .com people.

Use Your Name

Your name is always an option if you can’t commit to a name.  It’s also a good idea for designers or anyone who has multiple designer topics. It also works for lifestyle blogs.


Can you live with it?  In 10 years from now, will you still love it?  It’s a tough question, I know too well.

Try GoDaddy Domain Search

Use GoDaddy domain search to see if the domain you picked is available.  The search will also give you extension options and their availability.

After following the above tips you’ll be ready in no time to buy your domain.

I recommend and use GoDaddy for domain purchases and hosting.  They’re available and ready for any questions you may have.  They also have a cool online chat available if you prefer to chat online opposed to over the phone conversation.

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