How to Add WordPress to Your Domain in CPanel.

Congrats on picking your domain and taking the plunge into blogging. Now that you’ve purchased your domain you need to add WordPress to your domain in CPanel if you’re using GoDaddy.

It’s really not that difficult. I’m going to help by walking you through each step.

First, log in to your hosting plan and access the cPanel.

Then locate wordpress under web applications. There will be multiple applications to choose from but WordPress is the software we’re going to install today. Click on WordPress.

On the next screen in the upper right corner click on the button to install the application.

Installing the application is super easy. The intallatron helps guide you along the way.

First, you need to choose how you want your blog address to appear. If you haven’t set up the https then you need to choose http or contact GoDaddy to make the change.

Do you want to include the www in your address or skip that part. It’s up to you but you need to decide before moving on.

After sellecting the correct way you want your domain to appear it will show in the location field.

Next, delete blog from the directory field unless you really want to include blog in your address. After you make your decision you can view the address directly below the directory field with or without the addition to help you make up your mind. Just keep in mind, the simplest is the best.

Next, leave the version of WordPress as-is and set your language by clicking the areas.

Next, accept the license agreement for the application and select your update preferences.

I typically leave the updates as-is but it’s up to you. I find it better to update the plugins and themes one by one just in case they interfere with another update or with another plugin. If there is a problem I will at least know which one is the culprit and that makes fixing the problem easier if I know which one it is. Again, it’s up to you.

Next, you will need to select your login information for logging into WordPress for your new site. You can use the same login you use for your plan or something else. You can always change this later if needed but it’s best to set the areas now.

Set your username, password, and your email.

Finally, add your website title and tagline. Don’t worry it can be changed later.

Success! You now should be viewing something similar to the above image. You should see your new domain, your domain with wp-admin included, and the wordpress support link.

From this point on, you can log into WordPress Dashboard instead of your hosting account. Just remember to add the /wp-admin following your domain and log in using the username and password you set. Pretty simple.

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