Cut the Cord - Alernatives to Cable TV

Cutting the Cord – Alternatives to Cable TV

Are you tired of paying the ridiculous prices for cable or satellite TV?

The average family pays more for cable than basic utilities.  It’s insane to think people pay more for entertainment than the water, electric, and gas needed for their homes. As prices rise over time more and more people decide to find alternate ways to watch the shows they love while cutting the cord.

Cut the Cord - Alernatives to Cable TV

Over a year ago, I was paying out almost $170 a month to the cable/internet company.  (That’s higher than my water and heating bill combined.) That’s a lot of money if you think about it.

All week I recorded my favorite shows while I was busy with everyday life.  Then, on the weekends, I would binge-watch the entire weeks worth of shows to catch up on the latest drama all for the outrageous price of $170.  INSANE I KNOW!

After thinking about the money we were wasting and how wonderful it would be not to have to pay the high cable bill, I decided to look into a few alternative ways to watch the shows we loved.  I filled my kids in on the plan and asked them to give a new idea a shot.

I purchased an inexpensive streaming device which easily hooks into the backside of the TV.  It was easy to set up and use and only requires wi-fi to work. Easy peasy.

Over a couple months of trying different alternatives, we were able to watch all of our normal shows without using the cable even once.  WE CAN DO THIS!

I excitedly called the cable company and dropped off the cable equipment to the office in our town. (Another bonus, less equipment to take up space and to dust)

Fast-forward a year later, we’re still cable free.  I’ve cut the cost from $170 down to $70 a month.  That’s a huge saving over a course of a year.

If you would like to cut the cord and save money, here are a few options to make that happen.

Alternatives to Cable

  1. Amazon Prime (affiliate link) Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to view various movies, music, and tv shows for free.  I currently subscribe to Prime for the 2-day free shipping not so much the viewing capabilities.  The free shipping saves me way more than the cost.  I highly recommend if you order things online.
  2. Hulu I started out using Hulu.  They offer a variety of popular shows a day after they air on cable. So if you’re someone who binge watches your shows on the weekends like I do, this is for you. They also offer entire series of previously aired shows and original series only available on Hulu.
  3. Netflix is cool but you have to wait a year to watch this years content.  However, they offer tons of movies, past TV, and their own TV series.
  4. CBS All Access is for those who love the shows aired on CBS.  I subscribed to their subscription in the beginning because it’s relatively cheap and I love a bunch of the shows on that channel.  I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan which isn’t available on Hulu by the way.  Not only do they offer their exclusive TV shows you also can live stream the channel.
  5. Terrarium TV is my absolute favorite go-to free streaming app.  It’s different from the ones listed above.  It’s an app you can download that streams free popular TV shows and movies available on the internet.  The only catch is you are at risk while viewing in certain locations.  Here in the USA, it’s not against the law to stream videos online but it is to download them.  If you live outside of the USA please take in consideration of copyright laws for your areas and view at your own risk.
  6. Pluto TV is another app I use to view live news, music, movies, and cat videos.  Yes, cat videos. They offer all kinds of music and news channels to view for free.  I love the music selection the most.

By using one or some of the above apps you can easily cut your cable cost.  I’ve been cable free for about 18 months and I don’t miss it.  I watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. Plus, I’ve saved $100 a month cutting out cable.


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