Blog Niches to Make Money

Best Blog Niche to Make Money

More and more people are jumping into the blogging biz because they want to make a profit as a stay at home mom/dad, travel the world, raise children, flip and design houses, and talk about the latest tech gadgets on earth.  No matter what your reason is to start a blog you will need a niche that not only fits you but also is popular enough to drive in the traffic you will need to make the level of income you desire.

Some niches are more popular than others and just because you start out writing about one topic doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few other topics to compliment your topic.

Blogging is all about popularity.  

Think about it, the more traffic a blog generates the more income it makes.  If your passion isn’t a popular topic, it will have a lower traffic rate than a popular topic. It only makes sense!

My best advice to a new blogger is to write about what you know or you’re interested in.  Let your audience dictate where you go with it.  Start out with a larger idea until you can hone in on a more defined pathway. Blogging is all about filling a need, a service, or inspiration.  In the end, it’s all about your readers, not you.

So let’s talk about the top niches that drive traffic and make money.

The How to Blog and Make Money Niche

If you haven’t noticed the overabundant supply of blogs talking about how to make money blogging online, you really haven’t looked.  There are tons of bloggers who talk about all kinds of topics who switched to the how-to-blog topic even if it’s only temporary.  Why is this? It’s because there is a huge demand for making money blogging.  New bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike want to quit their day job to blog fulltime.

The Lifestyle Blog Niche

The lifestyle blog features all kinds of topics such as recipes, health care, family, and DIY articles.  They touch base on many topics to intrigue the 20-30-year-olds not instead of honing in on one topic in general.

The Parenting Blog Niche

The parenting blog niche is huge.  It’s a bunch of moms (and a few dads), documenting and educating their followers on topics to do with raising children.  If you’re looking for what not to do or what’s the best way to raise children, they have the answer.  They not only share their stories but they share the products they love and trust.  It’s like having thousands of mom friends at your fingertips.

Health and Fitness Blog Niche

This should be a no-brainer.  The health industry and pharmaceutical industry is a multimillion-dollar business.  You’ll find many health and fitness bloggers make money by selling their own products and instructing how to achieve the results you desire with their workouts.  With all kinds of diet ideas, fads, and products roaming the internet, it’s a lucrative business.

The Frugal Living and Finance Blog Niche

You’ll find frugal living and also finance blogs separately but they actually go hand in hand.  With a huge percent of the population struggling to make ends meet making and saving money is a huge topic.

The Technology Blog Niche

Today, technology is widely used everywhere with most people use technology devices frequently during their day to day routine.  If you visit a tech blog you’ll find reviews and how-tos surrounding the new or old devices used today by their followers.   They also typically provide step-by-step instructions on how to use or to fix these devices.

They provide a ton of help if you’re dealing with a faulty device and wish to fix the problem yourself.  I’ve used numerous tech blogs to fix my laptop or cell phones.

No matter what your reason is to become a blogger, these niches are a great choice.  If you’re looking to make money by blogging stick to one of the niches above.


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