Adding a Theme to Your New Blog in WordPress

Adding a theme to your blog in WordPress can be a lot of fun. You’ll find a few themes already downloaded when you added WordPress to your domain. But, you don’t have to settle for one of those there are plenty more to chose from. A general search in Google will find thousands of awesome sites for free or paid themes you can download at your fingertips.

Three ways to add a theme

  • Add a theme uploaded by WordPress
  • Search WordPress for more themes
  • Upload own

Today, I’m going to show you how to upload your own theme into WordPress and install it. It’s really easy to do and undo if you need to.

First, visit any site that has WordPress themes available for free or to buy. Download the theme to your computer. Don’t forget where it was saved to for easy access.

First, click on Appearance located on the left side of the dashboard. Then click on themes. Next, you’ll click on Add New Theme.

You should’ve arrived at the screen above.

Next, you’ll click on the upload theme button which will open up an area with a choose file button. Click the choose file button.

Find your theme file. If it’s a zip file do not unzip the file it will need to remain zipped for installation. After choosing your theme, click the button install now.

Your theme should’ve unpacked and installed successfully. Next, you’ll need to activate the theme by clicking on activate.

Your new theme should now be installed.

If your theme needs a few plugins to work you’ll see them listed above. Go ahead and install the new plugins if you have any to install.

After they’ve installed you’ll need to activate the plugins so they work for your new theme.

Next, hover over appearance on the leftside of the dashboard and select customize. Your new theme should load giving your blog a new look.

When using the customizer you can add a header, widgets, logos, and alter your site live. Some themes alow you to change colors of fonts, homepage settings, and the page layout. Play around with each of the settings till you achieve the look you want.

Don’t forget to click on publish to make each change stick. If you don’t your work will not save.

After you’re happy with the look of your blog you’ll be able to add pages and posts to your new blog.

Have fun creating your new blog!

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